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About us

Ricksclusive Creations LLC was started in 2014 by Derrick Jones. Derrick took an interest in graphic design in 2009 after seeing a flyer in the process of being designed. After learning the basics of photoshop, he began to work on projects, gaining new skills overtime. Derrick later pursued his degree in Visual Communication from Kent State University in 2011. Due to unforeseen circumstances, his higher education had to be delayed for three years before attending Towson University, where he received his BA in Graphic Design in 2018.

In 2014, Derrick began to plan for his start at something spectacular. He understood that visual communication within graphic design is all around us, from advertisements, to networking. Derrick began to focus on business owners and entrepreneurs because he knew their brands could use exclusive designs. Ricksclusive Creations is now a growing graphic design and branding company, specializing in visual communication. We have delivered numerous designs to many satisfied clients.

We look forward to designing to your satisfaction.

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